Communal overtones detrimental for J&K’s communal harmony ‘People should defeat elements with...

Communal overtones detrimental for J&K’s communal harmony ‘People should defeat elements with divisive tendencies: AMM


Yasin TarigamiSrinagar,August 22,2014 (CNS):-The Awami Mutahida Mahaz (AMM) is seriously concerned over the communal overtones being expressed by certain political voices ahead of the upcoming assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

 These divisive overtures are fraught with dangerous consequences for the social fabric and are detrimental to regional cohesion of the state.

 It is a historical reality that the edifice of Jammu and Kashmir is based on inclusiveness, communal harmony and pluralistic ethos and we believe that any move aimed at disturbing the culture of amity and religious brotherhood for petty political interests will have a ripple effect in the region.

 Some myopic political forces playing partisan politics are eyeing at the electoral gains ahead of the assembly elections in the state and hell bent to destroy the secular credentials of our people.  We want to caution the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir to remain vigilant against such forces who want to put the state on fire for their narrow electoral considerations ahead of the assembly elections.

 We have all along rejected politics based on region, religion or caste, as it is not only alien to our glorious ethos but we believe that politics of divide is detrimental for a sensitive state like Jammu and Kashmir.

 Forces which feed on divisive and communal tendencies or regional and parochial mindset should understand that they are not doing any good to the people of the State or the country instead they want an irreparable harm to the interests of the state and the country. The divisive and communal politics has not fetched anything to the country except for the blood and gore.

 Even if there are any regional or sub regional concerns with regard to economic disparities, these could be addressed mutually and people should never let the political opportunists to bargain their grievances and aspirations.

 We appeal the political mainstream to refrain from divisive political tendencies and exhibit accommodative characteristics aimed at strengthening of bonds of amity and brotherhood between various communities in the state. “Unity in diversity is strength of Jammu and Kashmir and this ethos has to be maintained at all costs”.