Account holders accuse JK Bank staff of Misbehaviour.

Account holders accuse JK Bank staff of Misbehaviour.


jkIslamabad,Muneeb, Aug 23, CNS: Customers visiting Jammu and Kashmir Bank branch General Bus Stand in South Kashmir’s Islamabad district have alleged that the Bank staff often misbehave with them and treat them like beggars.

    Customers mostly traders told CNS, that whenever they visit the branch to do transactions they are being treated badly. The behavior of the staff always remains rude and they made customers to wait for hours for petty matters.

   “Being a businessman, I am a regular customer of  this branch of Jammu and Kashmir Bank. For small transactions, they made customers to wait for hours and when any customer objects, they display insolent behaviour and frequently use abusive language,” a trader from Nai Basti Islamabad told CNS adding that scores of account holders have closed their accounts in the branch as a result of the negative behaviour of the bank staff.

    “The Jammu and Kashmir Bank staff have no manners and they don’t know how to deal with the customers. The Bank must impart them training so that people stop closing their accounts from this branch,” another customer Hilal Ahmed said.

    Another account holder alleged that the Bank staff have become so arrogant that they never oblige to a customer after he or she request them to made an entry of the transaction in their pass books. He said that the staff always ask customers to turn up next time for the purpose.

   When CNS contacted the said Jammu and Kashmir branch, it was informed that Branch Manager Muhammad Yousuf Matoo is not present in the bank.

    Pertinently, account holders of Jammu and Kashmir Bank from length and breadth of Kashmir Valley accuse the Bank staff of displaying arrogant behaviour with the customers on daily basis. (CNS)