Traditional Politician can’t solve this Kashmir issue,Modi’s communal approach towards the Kashmir...

Traditional Politician can’t solve this Kashmir issue,Modi’s communal approach towards the Kashmir can’t work here:Geelani


geelan (3)Srinagar, August 24, CNS: While expressing his sorrow and concern over the loss of precious human lives due to the cease fire violation on the ‘Line of Control’ by the both the sides, Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference Sayed Ali Geelani said that these minor border disputes can any time led to a full-fledged war and this war will bring an ultimate destruction for both the nations and no one is going to won the war.

             He said that Kashmiries can’t remain irrelevant to the situation at the cease fire line because Kashmir issue is the basic reason for the hostilities between the two nations and the Kashmiries are the worst sufferers of this situation. While criticizing the Indian government for canceling the foreign secretary level talks, the pro-freedom leader of Kashmir said that this was a non-intellectual and non-diplomatic decision which has harmed the peace process.

              Geelani sahib questioned that how can India afford to close the doors for dialogue with the Pakistan, as both the countries share thousands of mile borders with each other and there are always skimmers going on between both the armies. Geelani sahib said that how can India stand
with its strict decision regarding meeting of 25 August because dialogues are the only way forward otherwise the situations can anytime took ugly turn which is not in favor of both the countries.
             While terming the reservation of Indian government over the inclusion of Kashmiries in the dialogue process as unfair and strange, the pro-freedom leader said that Kashmir is the real and core issue between India and Pakistan and by not addressing the wishes and aspirations of 13 million people, it is impossible to solve this dispute. He said that until and unless the Kashmir issue is not solved according to the wishes and aspirations of its people, the cordial relations between both these countries is not possible. During last six decades incidents of cease fire violation have occurred thousands of times and hundreds of dialogues have been held to stop this but the process still continues and it seems impossible to stop these incidents in future also.

             Geelani sahib expressed his sorrow that with the result of these cease fire violations, there are usually Kashmiries on both the sides who are losing their lives and property. He addressed the new Prime Minister of India Mr. Narinder Modi that his communal approach towards the Kashmir can’t work here. Kashmir is a political issue and it can only be solved through political and peaceful means. A traditional politician can’t solve this issue while as it needs a statesman and the people of both the countries are waiting for him.(CNS)