Kashmir lags behind in medical research: DAK

Kashmir lags behind in medical research: DAK


Nisarul HassanSrinagar,Sep 02,2015-CNS:-Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today said that Kashmir is lagging behind in medical research which is central to the field of medicine.

    President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement while expressing pressing concern over lack of biomedical research said that it is adversely affecting patient care and is responsible for poor health outcomes.

   Nothing has been done to create a milieu for medical research which is heart of medical science and without which medical science is like a boat without an oar.

   There is no research funding by government and no efforts are made to generate research capabilities that would transform health care delivery system in the valley.

   The aim of medical research is to turn scientific discovery into better health for patients and population.

   There are no population based studies that would reveal prevalence of diseases and help in identifying their risk factors and shape policy decisions for preventive health care.

   There is epidemic of cancer in the valley but there is no focus on improving understanding of the genetic and molecular changes that lead to cancer to further ways of detection, treatment and prevention of the disease.

   Research would have unravelled life-style, genetic, metabolic, environmental factors responsible for alarming rise of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the valley.

   Effective surveillance of detection and containment of H1N1 virus could have prevented recent flu outbreak in the valley which led to loss of human lives.

   The unprecedented levels of antibiotic resistance in valley are due to lack of standard treatment protocols which are accomplished by research.

   It is hard to have public health policy that makes sense without medical research and future of medicine in Kashmir seems to be grim because of lack of biomedical research.