LeT defends Abdullah Nasir ‘India using multiple tactics to crush freedom...

LeT defends Abdullah Nasir ‘India using multiple tactics to crush freedom struggle’


Srinagar, Sep 4, CNS: While paying a rich tribute to militants killed in recent encounters with Government Forces, miliant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba Friday said that India has been using all its resources to crush the Freedom Struggle in Kashmir.

    In a statement to CNS, Mehmood Shah, the LeT chief said that India has been adopting multiple tactics to wipe out Kashmir Freedom Movement. “A network of Informers and pro-STF elements are being created. Loyalties of people are being purchased and sold, but those who have seen their family members dying for sake of Freedom Movement will not succumb to the Indian pressure and this Freedom Movement will continue,” he said.

     Accusing India of harassing Muslims all over India, LeT Chief said that Muslims are being butchered and harassed all over India including Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, Tripora, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

    “Indian Agencies have failed to break the resolve of pro-freedom elements. Abdullah Nasir is our brother who has sacrificed everything for this ongoing struggle against India. Abdullah Nasir is a great militant who has rejected every Indian offer. We salute his role and will and reject the accusations leveled against him by Indian agencies,” he said. (CNS)