Pandemonium in SMHS hospital Burn patients given expired injections

Pandemonium in SMHS hospital Burn patients given expired injections


Srinagar, Sep 5, CNS:  Scores of attendants caused pandemonium in the ‘Burn’ Unit of SMHS hospital here, after it was found that the nurse had been giving injections to patients that were beyond their expiry date.

     Eyewitnesses told CNS that attendants at the Burn Unit lost their cool after they found that the medical staff in the hospital has been giving expiry injections to the patients with burn injuries. The situation turned bad to worse after the expired injection (Amikacin) bottles were found outside the hospital store. “It has become a routine for the medical staff to fill injecting material into the syringe in the hospital stores. A patient will never come to know what a nurse or a compounder has injected into his body. We were aghast to see the injections given to patients were expired,” said an attendant.

    “The doctors and other hospital staff at first denied that the injections were procured from Hospital store, but later, on seeing the enraged attendants, they tried to convince them that using an expired injection was harmless,” he said adding that there was a scuffle between the agitating attendants and medical staff after that Drug Inspector arrived on spot who assured inquiry into the incident.

     In charge Burn Unit SMHS Hospital refused to comment over the issue while Medical Superintendent Dr Nazir Chowdary told CNS that these expired injections were donated by an agency to the hospital and an inquiry has been initiated to ascertain the facts. (CNS)