Hurrriyat slams Jitender Singh and VK Singh over reaction to Raheel Sharif’s...

Hurrriyat slams Jitender Singh and VK Singh over reaction to Raheel Sharif’s statement.


APHC-logoSrinagar, September 9,2015-CNS:-While terming the reaction of the Indian minister of states Mr. Jitendar Singh and VK Singh to the Kashmir statement of the Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif as unrealistic and reflection of the imperialistic thinking. All Parties Hurriyat Conference said that the statement of Pakistan Army Chief is based on historical evidences and facts and that history cannot be denied by any educated and conscience person. Hurriyat said that the stand of India on Kashmir issue is in no way correct and suitable. It is just a fanatic thinking and it has no place in the present civilized world. In a statement issued to the press, Hurriyat spokesman said that the statement of the Pakistan Army Chief is a historical fact and it is also present in the history books of India and these books are also learned in every school and college of this country. According to the principles of the partition, Jammu & Kashmir with respect to its population, geography and its location is in every way a part of Pakistan and India is occupying this land just on the bases of its military power. Terming Jammu & Kashmir as its integral part by the New Delhi is just an imaginary view and it has no relation with the reality. Spokesman said that instead of accepting the ground realities and living evidences, Indian rulers are found of talking in the language of power. It is not any good and proper way and it also negates its own democratic claims. India claims to be the largest democracy in the world but its standards change immediately when it comes to Kashmir and instead of respecting the wishes and aspirations of the people, they resort to hooliganism. Hurriyat further said that the easy way of examining the claims and counter claims of Pakistan and India on Kashmir is that a referendum should be held in Kashmir on the pattern of Scotland and the people should be given a chance to express their will in an free atmosphere which will lead to the decision of the Kashmiri people that what they actually want? But by denying it, India is making its own position as ridicules. They reverberate the integral part theory but do not want to listen to the inner of the people of Kashmir. Hurriyat conference said that the General Raheel Sharif talked about the solving of Kashmir dispute in accordance to the UNO resolutions which is a realistic and principled approach and anger of the Indian rulers over this is the reflection of their imperialistic thinking. Dr. Jitendar Singh and VK Singh can’t deny this fact that NUO has passed 18 resolutions on Kashmir at different occasions which advocates the right to self determination for the Kashmiri people. Both India and Pakistan are signatory to these resolutions and had promised to hold referendum in Jammu & Kashmir. India has however backtracked from its promise and it is occupying this state just on the basis of its military might. Hurriyat statement further reads that a part of Jammu & Kashmir is although with Pakistan but its stand on Kashmir is totally different from India and this country supports the right to self determination of the Kashmiri people. Hurriyat said that India want to give an impression to the world that it is champion of the democracy and the democratic system in Pakistan is weaker than theirs but when it come to the resolution of the Kashmir dispute, India behaves like imperialistic power while as Pakistan talks in a pure democratic way. Hurriyat Conference advised the rulers of India that they should shun their rigid and stubborn approach on Kashmir issue and come forward to solve this long pending human issue and protect your democratic claims.