Minister promoting private practice of Govt doctors: DAK

Minister promoting private practice of Govt doctors: DAK


Srinagar, Sep 8, CNS: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Tuesday expressed dismay over inauguration of private clinic of a consultant in a teaching hospital by Minister of State for health and medical education.

   President DAK Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan in a statement said that it is amazing to see the Minister promoting private practice of government doctors which is responsible for falling standards in health care in public hospitals.

   On one hand government mulls to ban private practice in the interest of patient care but on the other hand is boosting the business of medicine.

   In a statement to CNS, Dr Nisar-ul-Hasan said that private practice of government doctors particularly in teaching hospitals is the root cause of mess in government run hospitals as well as rising corruption in health and medical education.

   There is misuse of hospital facilities like out of turn admissions and surgeries for private patients in government hospitals and poor patients who cannot afford private consultations suffer.

   The undergraduate and postgraduate students learn these malpractices early during training period at a stage when senior consultants are the role models whom these young people try to emulate.

   Patients are dissatisfied with the care they receive in teaching hospitals because they are seen by students as most of the time senior doctors are busy with private patients.

   States like Rajasthan and Kerala where private practice of government doctors is banned have improved health outcomes while as in Jammu and Kashmir where private practice is allowed has a dismal record of health care standards in government hospitals.

   If full time doctors are allowed private practice there is no reason why government employees of other organizations should not ask for similar privileges. (CNS)