Plane bursts into flames on the runway at Las Vegas with 172...

Plane bursts into flames on the runway at Las Vegas with 172 people on board… and miraculously there are just 14 injuries


London,September 09Plane,2015:-A plane packed with passengers has burst into flames on a Las Vegas runway just moments before it was set to take off.

The British Airways flight bound for London Gatwick was taxiing on the tarmac at McCarran Airport on Tuesday night when it suddenly caught fire after a catastrophic engine failure.

Terrified travelers on other flights captured the plumes of smoke coming from the Boeing 777 as those on board were forced to jump down inflatable slides and run away from the blaze.

Fourteen people were then taken to hospital for treatment – many suffering from suspected smoke inhalation while others were hurt when they evacuated. 

here were 159 passengers and 13 crew members on board at the time. 

According to preliminary information, the plane experienced a left engine fire on takeoff, said Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration's Pacific Division. 

The pilot is heard calling 'mayday' and asking for 'heavy fire services' in a recorded transmission from air traffic control.  

One runway was shut but flights continued to depart on remaining runways as paramedics treated those caught up in the fire. 

Jacob Steinberg, a football and tennis writer who was on the flight, Tweeted: ‘Just evacuated on a British Airways flight at Las Vegas airport after an engine caught fire. Don’t think anyone hurt.