Reaction: ‘No power on earth divide J&K’ ‘Hari Om spewing...

Reaction: ‘No power on earth divide J&K’ ‘Hari Om spewing venom against Kashmir’s’


Srinagar, Sep 10, CNS:  Reacting sharply to the statement made by BJP leader Prof Hari Om Mahajan in which he 4 way split of Jammu and Kashmir, CPI(M) senior leader and incumbent legislator Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami Thursday said that no power on earth can divide the state on communal lines. Describing the statement from BJP leader as irresponsible and imaginative, Tarigami said that in 2002, State Assembly has already adopted a resolution moved by him that State of Jammu and Kashmir can’t be divided on communal lines.

    “It is sheer frustration on part of BJP and this statement depicts the hidden policies and agenda of Bhartiya Janata Party,” Tarigami told CNS adding that it is totally absurd on part of BJP to state that Kashmir should be bifurcated.

    Pertinently,BJP leader Prof Hari Om on Wednesday demanded trifurcation of the State into Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh States and separate homeland within Kashmir for Kashmiri Hindus, saying the four-way split of the State has become absolutely imperative.

     Eminent businessman and Civil Society Member Sahkeel Qalandar while terming the statement of Hari Om as deplorable and condemnable told CNS that from last two decades this person with dubious character has been spewingvenom against the people of Kashmir. “Hari Oma should accept that if J&K is divided then India will get divided into pieces. There is 28 per cent Muslim population in Uttar Pradesh and other states have also substantial Muslim population, they will also demand of carving out a separate state for them,” he said.

    Shakeel Qalandar added that people of Kashmir have been treating Jammu and Kashmir including the parts under the control of Pakistan and China as one entity and from last six decades they have been fighting for their rights that is right to self determination and not for the division of the state. “To carve out a Hindu State within Kashmir is the idea that can emerge only from the mind of communal BJP leaders,” he said. (CNS)