Tarigami condemns BJP’s idea of four way split of J&K ‘Peaceful...

Tarigami condemns BJP’s idea of four way split of J&K ‘Peaceful co-existence of J&K needs to be preserved, protected’


Tariami 1Srinagar,September,10,2015-CNS:-Strongly opposing the idea mooted out by BJP leader demanding four-way split of Jammu and Kashmir, CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami has said the State is an epitome of peaceful co-existence between people of diverse religions, languages and regions and any move to fiddle with it will be fought tooth and nail.

Reacting to the statement made by BJP leader Hari Om, the CPI (M) leader said: “The ethos and glorious traditions of communal harmony and plurality of the people of Jammu and Kashmir have to be strengthened and any attempt to disturb this peaceful co-existence, if not foiled, will prove detrimental for the entire country.”

Tarigami observed that the division of Jammu and Kashmir on regional and communal lines is an unfinished agenda of RSS and any such formula amounts to disregarding the historical ethos of our people. “In fact, it has, and will remain, an asset for the people of Jammu and Kashmir residing in different regions and having different faiths,” the MLA Kulgam said, while referring to a resolution moved by him in the legislative assembly in this regard.

Tarigami said views emerging from different quarters – both within and outside the state- which sought to suggest solution of the Kashmir issue on communal lines are strongly condemnable. “Jammu and Kashmir has off and on faced many difficult situation owing to ongoing conflict and disturbances in the State. However, people of the state have preserved its unity and its secular character despite heterogeneous, ethnic, linguistic and demographic character of Jammu and Kashmir. This identity needs to be preserved and protected from all elements inimical to this ethos,” he appealed.

He said that keeping in view the constitutional provisions, the division of the State cannot be made and it well remain united but his party will always resist and oppose any moves to undermine the integrity of the State.

“It might be in the electoral interests of other political parties to divide the state and its people on the basis of religion and region, CPI (M) treats the cause of amity and brotherhood in the state above and beyond the petty trappings of power and electoral machinations,” he remarked.