Women’s Football Tournament 2015

Women’s Football Tournament 2015


???????????????????????????????In the Final Match of Women’s Football Tournament 2015 played at Govt. Women’s College Ground on 10th Sept. 2015 at 11:AM, Mallinson Girls Football team defeated, second time in a row, their arch rivals Govt. Women’s College M.A Road Team by Two goals to Zero

First half,Mallinson dominated from start & earned a penalty in 15th Minit, which Annesa Hallen converted on second attempt. Half line score was 1:0 goals in favour of Mallinson.

            In second half women’s College team put in all their strength & attacked Mallinson Goal, but Mallinson GK stood the pressure and saved half a dozen attempts. Women’s College team earned a Penalty, but Mallinson GK gave a commendable save. In the last 5 minutes  Mallinson regrouped & their star striker Annesa scored her second Goal.

Final score Mallinson 2 goals & Women’s College NIL & thus repeated the performance of 2014 Tournament.

Shri Waheed –ur-Rehman Para,Political Anylist to Hon’ble CM presided & awarded prizes to both teams, Referees & Members of Organizing Committee.