Beef ban controversy: Beef sellers and suppliers stage protest

Beef ban controversy: Beef sellers and suppliers stage protest


Baramulla, Sep 12, CNS: Hundreds of people associated with beef business Saturday staged a protest against court decree in North Kashmir’s Pattan town of Baramulla district.

    The meat sellers who own hundreds of shops in North Kashmir said that beef ban will badly affect their business. “It will not only affect us but will affect disproportionately affect the poor people,” said one of the butchers told CNS.

     The suppliers as well as butchers who were part of the protest said that only rich people tend to eat meet while poor people prefer to consume beef. “We have been doing this business since generations and if court order is implemented, we will suffer heavily,” they said.

    Abdul Rehman, who owns a small meat shop in Baramulla said that they will give no heed to the court order and will continue to sell and supply beef. “We will start a state wide agitation if we are asked to close our shops. There is already unemployment in the state and it will be injustice if government will implement the court order. We fail to understand how beef can be banned in Kashmir where majority population consumes it,” he said.

     The protesters appealed to the government to challenge the court order and find ways and means to scrap the section under RPC that prohibits slaughtering of bovine animals. (CNS)