Nayeem Akhtar condemns ‘hooliganism’ during Big Kashmir Marathon

Nayeem Akhtar condemns ‘hooliganism’ during Big Kashmir Marathon


naeem-akhtar (1)Srinagar,September 13,2015-CNS:-Minister for Education, Mr Naeem Akhtar has strongly condemned what he termed as hooliganism by some youth during the flag-off ceremony of Big Kashmir Marathon at Kashmir University campus this morning.

In a statement, Mr Akhtar said the fact that despite desperate attempts by some disruptive elements attempts to sabotage the great event, around 15000 people, including some international athletes participated in the maiden marathon.  “This should prove an eye-opener for those rowdy elements who are hell bent upon subverting any attempt of revival of normalcy and rejuvenation of sagging economy in Kashmir,” he said and added that the time has come for the Kashmir’s civil society and emancipated citizens to rise against acts of such hooliganism which have put the whole society to shame.

Mr Akhtar said the reported highhandedness by the unruly youth with some female participants is the most deplorable and reprehensible act and the law of land must catch up with such boisterous elements. 

          The Minister said that the objective of the marathon was to create awareness about various social issues including importance of following road traffic regulations, conservation of water bodies, keeping environment clean, and respecting elders. “I don’t know why some people tried to sabotage this event organized for such a noble cause,” he said.