What would be India’s fate,Democracy or Dictatorship?

What would be India’s fate,Democracy or Dictatorship?


democracy-vs-dictatorshipBy,Sunaina Malik(CNS Rajouri)

No body in this entire universe can rebuff the verity that India is the epitome of unity in diversity. People , believing in different faiths, having different culture, speaking varied languages, wearing different dresses, are the integral part and parcel of world’s largest democracy (India).It would also not be erroneous to dub India as multi colored flower garden, in which every solo flower possess its magnitude and worth and all the flowers are equal before constitution of India. Our affluent cultural heritage and democratic societal set up have been attracting world at large from time immemorial. Here, I am apologetic to say that some politicians, in order to hoard their vote bank have been practicing to segregate Indians on the basis of religion, cast, color, creed and  eating habits since independence. Amid the innumerable efforts to divide Indian society, ban on possession, slaughtering and consumption of beef, is on them. As a matter of fact beef is widely consumed food product across the globe. India, her self rank No.1 in beef export through out the world. Question here arises if, beef is contributing to India’s economy then why beef is banned for non vegetarian Indians. To your revelation, biologically human teeth are designed in such a way that they can chew and cut both vegetables as well as meat. If nature permits us to live an omnivorous way of life then how any politician could debars us from it. More over, eating is a matter of personal choice, Article 14 of Indian constitution give full freedom to every Indian to choose his or her food product.Democracy

           Recent order of ban on meat consumption in Maharashtra for a period of 8 days by BJP led Mira Bhayander Muncipal corporation(MBMC) during Paryushan, when Jain community practices Temporal Monasticism. The community believes that violence against all living beings should be curtailed. Like Maharastra, Gujarat Govt. also ordered 3 days ban on sale of meat during Jain festival. Story does not end here, even in J&K, in response to a PIL, High court  of J&K ordered govt. to strictly implement complete ban over cow slaughter. History speaks that when and where ever fundamental rights were violated, people agitated. Some thing similar happened this time, but to your surprise this time whole India   included (MNS) and (SS), Hindu outfits of India also revolted against this barbaric act of our politician. Agitator not only included non vegetarians but even vegetarian class of India, on the ground that no politician has a right to enter in one’s kitchen and implement restrictions on food habits. In case of J&K meat was banned under section 298 A of RPC which was enacted in 1862 by then Dogra Ruler. Under this section, intentionally killing or slaughtering of cow or like animal including ox, buffalo is cognizable, non bail able offence punishable with ten years. Can any body answer why till now we are carrying dictator laws of Maharaja?

          democracy-vs-dictatorship (1)In addition to this, ban politics has nothing to do with religious sentiments. It is only a part of divide and rule policy. I am very apologetic to say that, those who scream that cow eating is hurting religious emotions of Hindu community are unaware of the fact that Hindu religious scriptures are filled with evidence of beef consumption and hunting. Like, Manu Smiriti(chapter5 verse30) says ‘it is not sinful to eat meat’. Even in Vedas it is mentioned, ‘Amongst the Nomadic pastoral Aryans, who settle here, animal sacrifice was dominant feature. They offer cattle to propitiate gods’. In addition to this Lord Ram ji is known for hunting animals in Jungle. Moving a head, many gods such Indra and Agni are described as having special preference for different types of flesh. Indra had weakness for Bull’s meat and Agni for Bull’s and Cow’s. In Vedas there are mentions of 250 animals, out of which at least 50 were supposed to be fit for sacrifice and consumption. Even at one place in Mahabharata, there is mention of king Rantideva, who achieved great fame by distributing food grain and beef to Brahmins. In another place, it is mentioned ‘The eater who eats the flesh of those to be eaten, does nothing bad even if he does eat it day after day, for God himself created some one to be eaten and some one to be eater. ‘Taittiriya Brahman categorically tell us ‘verily the cow is food (atho annamvia gauh) and yajnavalkya’s insistence on eating of tender (amsala) flesh of cow is well known.

    In count to this, all the plants, animals and human beings live in a biological balance. Nature has appointed one species as predator and other as prey. If any of species rises in its number it would definitely wipe out its prey completely thus, create imbalance in food chain. Similarly if, herbivores animals show infinite swell in their number, these animals would utterly vanish vegetation from the back of this planet. After wards, we human would not left to eat even vegetables.

In the end, I would like to say that if cow slaughtering is banned then eating of roots, stem like carrot, spinach, beetroot etc should also be barred because it also amounts to  killing of living organisms. If there are laws  against cow or animal slaughter. It is a ripe time to change those laws because all those nations who oppose amends lag behind in the chase of development and progress.

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