Burhan’s killing: ‘Police Task Force responsible’: Hizb ‘Plot to revive...

Burhan’s killing: ‘Police Task Force responsible’: Hizb ‘Plot to revive Kuka Parrey era has been prepared by India’: Hizb


Srinagar, Sep 21, CNS: Stating that the murderers of innocent Burhan and his father are not fit to be called humans, militant outfit Hizbul Mujhadeen Monday alleged that Modi led government of India has made a plot to revive the ‘Kuka Parrey’ era through Police Task Force and its paid agents.

    In a statement to CNS, Hizb spokesperson Salim Hashmi while quoting the chief of the outfit Syed Salahudin said that the strategy and planning of Modi got exposed in May 2015, when Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parikar said that, “It is not necessary that our soldiers will always fight the militants.”

     Salahuddin while addressing the Hizb Command Council said that conspiracy to revive Kuka Parrey era in Kashmir by India will not be allowed to succeed. “The killers of innocent Burhan and his father are not humans and these killings deserve forceful condemnation. These butchers and Vandals can only be anti-Movement and anti-Islamic elements. Only State Task Force and the Indian agents are involved in such killings,” he said.

     Criticizing a section of media for what he said, ‘an impression is given that such killing incidents have been occurring as  a result of rivalry between so-called and non-existent Lashkar-e-Islam and Hizbul Mujhadeen,’ Syed Salahudin suggested this ‘section of media’ not to be a part of Indian ploy. He made it clear that, “Lashkar-e-Islam has no existence and Indian agencies have been using this name to hide their crimes.”

    “Frustration has engulfed Indian agencies as more and more youth have been joining militant ranks and the popularity of Hizb been increasing,” he said.

     Condemning the arrest of Syedah Aasiya Andrabi, the Hizb Chief said that she is a bold and dedicate lady who can’t be cowed down such tactics. He said that, “it is really shame for Mufti Government to arrest Aasiya.”

    He appealed Human Rights Organizations to play their role and ensure the release the Aasiya Andrabi and other Hurriyat leaders from Indian prisons. The statement reads that during the meeting rich tributes were paid to the martyrs especially to Burhan and his father and the participants expressed sympathy with the bereaved families. (CNS)