Disability a curse or blessing

  Disability a curse or blessing


disabled_logoSunaina Malik(CNS-Rajouri)

In our ritual ridden Indian society, disability is attached with so many notions. One section of Indian society believes that disability is the punishment of sins committed by the person during his previous birth and every disabled has to go through this punishment. Another section believes that these crippled persons are the examples set by Almighty so that able persons should thanks to God for their healthy and complete body and who so ever help the handicap will get reward   from God in the form of heaven in next world. Third section of society believes that disability is a curse so it should be checked in the womb of a mother and there after every disabled fetus should be aborted and should not be allowed to see this beautiful world of God and fourth section of society believes that every disabled has all rights to live and enjoy this beautiful world of God and it would be every one’s prime duty to help them to live their life comfortably.

      As per official data available, disabled constitute about 15% of world and 2.1% of Indian population according to 2011 census. These reports reveal that a very small section of human dwelling is effected with this curse but I am very apologetic to say that this unfortunate section of our society is passing a worst kind of life and situation become more grave in case when disabled happens to be a poor. Life for a poor handicap is nothing but a rigorous life imprisonment. As we all know that it is not someone fault to be  born or happens to be blind, duff, dump or handicap in any of his or her limb then my question is why disabled and handicap becomes a subject of every one’s hate and repulsion?

     No doubt a lot has been done for disabled section of our society in the form of innumerable laws  both at national and international level then question arises why our streets, roads footpaths, railways stations, bus stations are crammed with innumerable handicap people in a most miserable and pitiable condition. With their naked or half naked body they are begging and presenting a heart bleeding picture in front of this cruel world which passes by with out sensing the pain of persons creeping on harsh road.

          To your revelation, Article 14 of Indian constitution include  (Equal opportunity and protection of rights and full participation Act 1995) The act defines responsibility of Center and State Govt. with regards to the service for disabled persons. Provisions have been made in this act for prevention of disabilities, protection of rights, provision for medical care, education, training, employment and rehabitation of disabled person. This act further states that (There is a statutory responsibility on Govt. to ensure that all disabled children are provided free education. In addition to this Mental health Act 1987, The Rehabitation Council of India Act 1992, Works men compensation Act 1923 and Employees State insurance Act 1948 are all provisions to safeguard the Rights of disabled person but reality is this, these benefits are not reaching to the victim of disabilities because handicap are least cared lot of our society and Govt. benefits are enjoyed by only approachable section of society. What so ever grant comes, half will be engulfed by Ministers then quarter will be grabbed by beurocrates and the remaining nominal will reach to victim which is only a drop to oasis.

   Friends, harsh reality to Indian society is that we cannot change this ill system of corruption which debars every facility to reach to needy and dependent section of society. In this ambiance of cruelty and corruption we are left with only one option and that is   to contribute at least one rupee daily. If, whole of India  will contribute 1 rupee daily, we can collect a sufficient amount which can give a comfortable life to all the disabled people of India. Come and join hands so that we can end their curse of being born as handicap. Let us make them to eat sufficient, let us make them not to only aspire for any luxury of life. Let us make them not to beg before this cruel world in harsh climatic conditions.

              In the end I wanted to say that our aid can turn their curse into blessing.

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