Let us honour our sweepers

Let us honour our sweepers


sweepersSunaina Malik(Rajouri)

A sweeper is one who removes the greatest discomfort of our lives by removing the foul and ill smelling garbage of our streets, mohallas and cities. A sweeper is one who picks plastic bottles, broken pieces of glass, rubber tyres, and iron pieces from that dirty heap of garbage where we even don’t want to look at, a sweeper is one who unclog the over filled drains of our latrines, a sweeper is one, who works for hours  together with that city refuse, where we would not even prefer to stand for a single minute, in order to dispose it to the landfills, a sweeper is one who sometimes use his direct hands in dirty gutter in order to unblock it and a sweeper is one, who picks the animal liter from open roads in order to provide us clean surroundings. But friends the condition of our sweepers in India is miserable. They are living a life which is full of pain and sorrows as they are feebly waged, they don’t have enough to eat drink and wear. Incidents of our bare footed small children searching for plastic, iron or rubber refuse in dirty drains and dangerous heaps of garbage is very common in India. It is because of the unhygienic atmosphere of their working place they often ally get lots of infections of dread full diseases and finally die due to lack of treatment as they don’t have enough money for their treatment. Story of miserability of our sweepers doesn’t end here. Whole of the sweeper community is also subjected to hate of our so called civilized society. Everybody looks at them with a biased eye. Our sweepers are also considered as people from dirty back ground without thinking that these are the only people who save our life by removing disease causing garbage

             In addition to this, it is only a sweeper who can save your life from infection of garbage not our doctors or engineers, so friends you yourself decide to whom you should keep at high esteem, a politician, who first robs you of your money then help you or a sweeper who frees you from the disease causing agents and directly save your life. A politician or an engineer or doctor can help one person at one time but a sweeper after clearing garbage or after segregating non degradable waste can save whole community. In addition to this we all know that it is very difficult to clean some one’s waste or liter but our honored sweepers have been doing it from time immemorial. So friends, it a ripe time to change our attitude towards our sweeper community and should work for their upliftment. Following things can uplift their standard and can inspire and encourage them to do their work comfortably.

We should start respecting each and every sweeper of our locality or outside.

We should not look at them with hate ful eyes.

Govt. should raise their wages up to first class employee.

Govt. should provide them uniform and shoes so that they can protect themselves

While cleaning garbage or picking non degradable waste from heaps of garbage

In the end I wanted to say that as different ages of human civilization have different priorities so today’s modern age has only one challenge and that is the challenge of pollution and we cannot    even dream of meeting out this challenge without the assist of our sweepers.

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