After speaker announces assembly session sine die; Opposition continues to corner...

After speaker announces assembly session sine die; Opposition continues to corner government on various issues


Jammu, February 3,2017 CNS:Even if the State assembly stands adjourned sine die, the standoff between the government and opposition refuses to die down, with opposition continuing to target it for alleged  ‘miss governance’ by many of its ministers .

The epicenter of the intensifying battle however, remains the rural development Minster and Senior PDP leader Ab. Haq Khan, who has been receiving the ire  of joint opposition for many days now for (what they accuse him of) lying to the house. The minster has again been put on a tight spot on Friday after Vice President Jammu Kashmir  Congress Committee  and MLA Sopore  Haji Ab. Rashid moved a privilege motion against him urging Speaker to relieve Khan  from his office as he has ‘lost’ the credibility and ceased to enjoy the ‘trust’ as a ‘minster’. In his letter to Speaker Kavinder Gupta. According to a press release, Haji Rashid said that the in the privilege motion he told Speaker  that minster not only misled the house on the transfers of Block Development Officers in Tujar Shareef block of Sopore Constituency, but also attempted to prove him (MLA) wrong by giving misleading statements repeatedly in the house  even after the leader of Opposition Omar Abdullah had endorsed him (MLA) on the floor of house. Haji Rashid is understood to have  told Speaker that since the minster attempted to malign his ( MLA’s) credibility by resorting to ‘lies’, it had become imperative for him to move a privilege motion against him with documental evidences so that the sanctity of the august house is not compromised and eroded.

     “ With due respects, I would like to draw your kind attention towards the fact that Hon’ble Minster Rural Development , Panchayati Raj, Law and Justice during the discussion on the grants of Hon’ble Chief Minster misled the house by giving false information regarding premature transfer of Block Development Officers of Tujar Sharef Block ( Sopore Constituency). The undersigned instantly refuted the charge leveled by Hon’ble minster Rural Development against me in the house and accordingly I put forth all the relevant orders regarding the transfers before the Hon’ble speaker which substantiates my argument on the date of discussion for Rural Development Department as well.” Reads the privilege motion moved by the MLA Sopore.

     Interestingly the MLA also produced copies of  orders and the joining reports of  ten BDOS who were posted and transferred in Tujar Shareef Block during the last less than two years. According to the documents , Tahir Mohi ud Din was posted as Block Development Officer Tujar Sharief on 04-09-2014 vide Government Order No. 273-RD&PR of 2014. However the BDO was transferred in May 2015 and a new BDO Peer Shakeel Ahmad was posted in the block vide Ordr No. 564-DRDK Of 2015 dated 05-06-2015. According to Haji Rashid it is from this date, the process of hegemony of the Minster began and ever since that order nine more  BDOs were posted and replaced during a short span of less than one and a half year with one BDO even replaced within twenty four hours of joining the place. According to MLA, after Peer Shakeel Ahmad , Ab. Rashid Ganie was posted as BDO in the block Vide Order No. 964-DRDK Of 2015 dated 23-09-2015  who remained there for less than a month before being packed up and a new BDO Fehmeeda Bano posted in his place vide Order No. 1055-DRDK Of 2015dated 29-10-2015 . Fahmeeda was too replaced by her predecessor Ab. Rashid Ganie two months later vide No. 13 –RD&PR  Of 2016 dated 14-01-2016 . However, his fortunes did not lost too long as he was again transferred and replaced by Dr. M. Iqbal Malik Vide Order No. 801-DRDK Of 2016 dated 04-05-2016 . According to MLA, Malik was replaced by M. Sadeeq Hajaam  vide Order No. 155-RD&PR Of 2016 dated 20-05-2016. Hajam was replaced by Gh. Nabi Andrabi vide Order Number  252- RD&PR Of 2016 dated 05-09-2016 only to be replaced by Tariq Ahmad Mir  three months later vide another order Number 322-RD&PR Of 2016 dated 15-12-2016. The MLA said that Tariq Ahmad Mir was changed overnight to pave way for his predecessor Gh. Nabi Andrabi who took over again as BDO of the block on 18-12-2016, nearly less than twenty four hours after his reliever had joined the block.

         Meanwhile according to press statement, Haji Rashid has demanded  Rural Development Minster’s resignation and said, “ the Minster must step down before he is exposed further”. The Congress leader added, that Khan had left him with no other choice but to approach speaker with the Privilege motion as he (Minster) had not only provided ‘false’ information to house but also  deliberately attempted to prove a legislator  wrong while knowing       the facts fyully, thus breaching the trust and the credibility a minster is supposed to  safeguard and upheld. Haji Rashid said that when the leader of Opposition endorsed him during his speech on GAD Grants, it had become inevitable for him  to prove his allegations  right as he (MLA) enjoys the trust of the majority of legislators across the party lines. He has appealed Chief Minster Mehbooba Mufti to relieve Khan from the Cabinet so that the credibility of the house is not is not compromised and eroded(CNS)