DeM pitches for restructuring of Kashmir Committee in Pakistan

DeM pitches for restructuring of Kashmir Committee in Pakistan


Srinagar,February 6,2017 CNS: Laying stress that the “so-called” Kashmir committee in Pakistan headed by Maulana Fazlur Rahman needs to be made more strong and its services be utilized more vehemently, Dukhtaran-e-Millat Monday said that the committee has become stagnant and is not able to deliver on the ground.

   Asking the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharief to restructure the committee and make it more deliverable, the DeM chairperson Syedah Aasiyah Andrabi, in a statement to CNS said that the committee has not been able to deliver what was expected of it.

   She reiterated that the governments of Pakistan and its people have a much bigger role vis-a-vis Kashmir than Kashmiri people.

   “We are under brutal military occupation and are not even allowed to hold a simple public rally. Our movement has been restricted and more than 10 lakh forces are over looking us and under such circumstances it is not possible for us to plead our case as strongly as it should have been.”

    However, whatever we can do to the best of our levels, we always take a lead in that, she said.

  But, she added, “to go to the outer world and persuade them is not possible for us as we have been left with no travel documents.”

    She said that in such circumstances to activate world and United Nations is not possible for us. “Though we talk telephonically to outside world and put our point and try to plead our case, but, that is not going to serve our purpose.”

    Since Pakistan has numerous other internal issues, it should strengthen the Kashmir committee which is otherwise on papers only.

“The work they are entitled to do have never been done,” Aasiya said, adding, “In India, the people who deal with Kashmir related issues are well learned, wily and posses’ expertise. They, though illogically, try to convince the world that Kashmir is their integral part.” However, she said though, our stand has logic and we have manpower, we have people, sacrifices, but we are not able to capitalize. Therefore, she said the Kashmir committee needs to be made strong.

She appealed the PM of Pakistan that the Kashmir Committee should be lead by the incumbent President of Azad Kashmir for he is the primary party. “AJK president has every right to head the committee, it is his state that is divided by a bloodied line.”

   She said that the other members of the committee also need to be chosen wisely taking into consideration their backgrounds. “The members of the K- committee should be well versed with the Kashmir issue, the regional and world politics and south asian affairs,” she emphasized.

    She said that the People who know nothing about Kashmir are hurting the Kashmir cause.

   She also emphasized that mere talking will take Kashmir issue nowhere. “We have been talking for seven decades now. I tell the PM of Pakistan that we have sacrifices 6-7 lakh people from last 7 decades, our homes have been ruined, thousands have been blinded now, we have a whole lot of widows, what else does Pakistan need from us,” she questioned?

   She resolved, “Insha Allah we are firm in our resolve but whatever sacrifices we are rendering have to be capitalized and beyond that we have been trapped in the militarized jail,” she said.

   “Kashmir is the unfinished agenda of partition so should be solved accordingly. (CNS)