Hurriyat criticizes Raj Nath Singh for his ‘rhetoric’

Hurriyat criticizes Raj Nath Singh for his ‘rhetoric’

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Srinagar,February 6,2017 CNS: India’s Home Minister Raj Nath Singh’s statement that Kashmir was always with India and will remain a part of it, has evoked sharp reactions from All Parties Huriyat Conference. Terming it egoistic approach of India, Huriyat said that such rhetoric and parroting can’t change the reality about Kashmir dispute. Ridiculing the statement of Raj Nath Singh wherein he has said referendum must be conducted in Pakistan, Huriyat said that India is aware about the possible results of referendum in Kashmir and that is the reason they are resorting to such meaningless statements.

Monday in an issued statement, Huriyat said that Kashmir is internationally accepted issue and deferring this issue led to an uncertainty in state and proved a squabble & bone of contention between two countries.

Huriyat said it is because of the Kashmir issue that both countries are investing a large amount of budget on arms and ammunitions, while as majority in India are a living a miserable life. They even lack basic amenities to sustain their life and virtually facing starvation like situation, said Huriyat.

Commenting over the statement of Raj Nath Singh, Huriyat said that he is no more different than Late Sardar Patel as he also used to speak same language. However, it has not changed the ground realities nor people of Jammu Kashmir will succumb to any pressure.

Huriyat said that uncertainty is prevailing since half century, it continues and said that harsh and egotistical statements never change ground realities, instead it will badly effect the position of India and will raise questions on its claims for being a big democracy in world.

Huriyat said India is aspiring for membership in UNO & on the other hand resorting to military might & smashing all basic rights in Jammu & Kashmir. Huriyat said India instead of blaming Pakistan should realize that it is their arrogant approach creating impediments and hurdles in peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue & Pakistan has always pleaded for peaceful settlement. They always followed positive strategy about Kashmir issue while as India always adopted egoistic approach and talks in terms of war, said Huriyat.

Criticizing Raj Nath Singh for his rhetoric, Huriyat said that his statements about Jammu and Kashmir make no difference. The people of state are pursuing their right to self-determination and will continue till the issue is resolved as per their aspirations. Huriyat said it is better for Indian authorities to shun their rigid approach, face reality and help resolve the Kashmir issue. It will prove helpful for south Asia and India too will get ride from many complex problems facing at home, Huriyat asserted. (CNS)