Jammu Muslim Front castigates BJP and NPP for for Rohingya Muslims in...

Jammu Muslim Front castigates BJP and NPP for for Rohingya Muslims in Jammu


Jammu,Februay 13,2017 CNS: Castigating Bhartiya Janata Party and National Panthers Party for spewing venom against Rohingya Muslim refugees, Jammu Muslim Front Monday said that like other refugees, these Mynmar refugees too have right to live in Jammu.

    President, Jammu Muslim Front Qazi Imaran told CNS that it is unfair on part of BJP, Shiv Sena and NPP to raise objections over the settlement of Rohingya Muslims in Jammu. “Why these parties don’t speak about other refugees who are living in Jammu region. Why these parties target only Rohingya and Tibati Mulsims? If they don’t want any refugee in Jammu, then let them start the process from West Pakistan refugees.  Under UN charter, these Rohingya Muslims have every right to live here,” he said.

    The Front President said that instead of taking care of these refugees and raising their living standards, the BJP which is the part of the government has been playing politics and targeting these helpless people.

  He said that there are about 1,219 Rohingya (Burmese) families, comprising 5,107 members, who are staying in Jammu after being hounded out of Myanmar. “They are living a miserable life and on humanitarian grounds the government ought to take care of them,” the Front said. (CNS)