Kulgam situation another indictment of the Government – NC ‘Promise of maximum...

Kulgam situation another indictment of the Government – NC ‘Promise of maximum restraint during Budget Session proved hollow’ – Dr. Veeri 

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Srinagar,February,13 2017: Expressing deep sorrow and grief over the civilian killings in Frisal Kulgam today, National Conference leader and MLC from South 

Kashmir, Dr. S. Bashir Ahmad Veeri strongly condemned the civilian killings at encounter site of Frisal Kulgam. Dr. Veeri said the Kulgam situation was yet another indication of how the Government had mismanaged the post-Burhan situation and plunged the State into chaos and destruction. 

       In a statement issued from Party Headquarters in Srinagar, Dr. Veeri termed the killing of innocent people equivalent to genocide which he said was tragic and unacceptable. Dr. Veeri said the foundation for another cycle of unrest was being laid by targeting and killing of innocent youth of our community. “Promise of maximum restraint by the Government during the Budget Session of the Legislature proved to be hollow and failed miserably in protecting lives of innocent people at the site of the encounter”, Dr. Veeri said. 

    Dr. Veeri said the scale of injuries and the nature of injuries in Kulgam proved beyond any reasonable doubt that there were orders to show no mercy to the civilians. “Nearly 15 civilians have sustained bullet injuries and some sort of severe trauma as we have lost two civilians in this brutal onslaught. One wonders what face the State Government will now invent to justify these killings? After nearly hundred young lives were lost in the 2016 unrest, the PDP-BJP Government has clearly failed to awaken its conscience and continues to lord over a systemic genocide of the youth”, the National Conference leader said in the statement. 

“There has been no demonstrated political will from New Delhi or by the State Government to start a political process to resolve the political issue in Kashmir. Unless India and Pakistan engage in a comprehensive and sustained dialogue to resolve the vexed political issue, there will be countless tragic situations like the one being witnessed in Kulgam where precious young lives are lost”, Dr. Veeri said while imploring New Delhi and Islamabad to start a dialogue process to resolve the Kashmir Issue without any further delay. 

Dr. Veeri extended his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and also prayed for the quick recovery of those who have sustained injuries in the onslaught.