LeT blames India for terror attacks in Pakistan

LeT blames India for terror attacks in Pakistan

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Srinagar,February 17,2017 CNS: Blaming India for sabotaging peace in India, militant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba Friday while, condemning the terror attacks in Pakistan said that killing innocent people is barbaric and is unpardonable.

     In a statement to news agency CNS, Mehmood Shah the LeT Chief said that India doesn’t want Pakistan to be the advocate and supportive of Kashmir Cause and that is why this country has been hatching  conspiracies against Pakistan to take innocent lives there.

    Shah said that India Army Chief has been preparing to kill people of Kashmir. “Pakistan has been emerging as strong economic power in the region and it doesn’t suit to India. Besides the people in Kashmir are not ready to surrender. To crush both people of Kashmir and Pakistan, India has been propagating terrorism in the region. The recent bomb blasts in Pakistan have indicated that this region is on the verge of destruction,” he said.

    LeT Chief said that the need of the hour for Pakistan is to adopt a strong and consequential strategy that will not only help this country to come out from the present mess but will also lead to the resolution of Kashmir issue. (CNS)