Dal dwellers resent ‘eviction drive’ of Government

Dal dwellers resent ‘eviction drive’ of Government

Pic Shah Jehangir

Srinagar,February 20,2017 CNS: Dal dwellers from Mir Behri on Monday staged protest against the authorities for what they said ‘trying to forcibly evict them from their ancestral land.’

     A large number of locals from Mir Behri Dal under the banner of ‘Farmers Welfare Organization’ assembled here in Press Enclave Srinagar. The protesters told CNS that they are in possession of ancestral agricultural land Doal Dumb that is the main source of their living. They said that authorities have been serving notices to them asking them to get ready for relocation. “Those who are unwilling to receive government compensation are being informed that cash will get deposited in their personal bank accounts. We fail to understand what we will do if government takes control of our agricultural land,” the protesters said.

     “This land is the main source of our living. We grow vegetables and sell those in the market. If this land is taken away from us, we will die of starvation,” they said and appealed government to reconsider their decision.

    The protesters demanded that in case of relocation, they should be given same land that should be arable. “Besides, it is the responsibility of the government to provide government job to a member of the each relocated family. Government particularly LAWDA has been doing much for the houseboat owners but are ignoring the poor people like us,” they said.

   When contacted, an official from LAWDA said that acquisition of land is vital to restore the pristine glory of the Dal Lake. “Each affected family will be compensated and rehabilitated in a way that they don’t suffer in any way,” he said. (CNS)