DeM praises militants for attack

DeM praises militants for attack

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Srinagar, Feb 23, CNS: Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Thursday showered praises on the militants who carried out an attack on the Indian army in Mulu Chitragam thereby killing five occupational forces including two officer rank army men.

In a statement issued here, the chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi said that these are the same men who have snatched young sons and daughters from us and have gone on a blinding spree.

She paid glorious tributes to the Mujahideen for what she termed “taking revenge from the enemy”. “The damage inflicted by the Mujahideen on the enemy has cluttered the government in India and their stooges in Kashmir. It has cluttered the Indian occupational army and it was the result of the same that they later went berserk and ransacked everything that came their way.”

She said the occupational forces also went door to door and fired indiscriminately on the people who were sleeping in their homes. It was due to this, she said, that an elderly lady was hit by a bullet, who died on the spot.

She said that this probably a part of the admonition that was issued by Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat recently.

Ms Andrabi said that the more these occupational forces try to suppress the people of Kashmir, the more anger it will inculcate in the hearts of the people towards India. “The more they will suppress us, the more strongly shall we rise,” she reiterated.

She said that the time appears to be very near when India will vacate our valley and the dawn of Freedom will set foot in Kashmir.

 Meanwhile she has strongly condemned the use of force and wreacking of pellet havoc in Palhallan area of Baramulla district.

She said that the brave civilians of Palhallan town had gone to rescue the Mujahideen who were cordoned off by the Occupational forces, they were then pelleted by the goons in uniform as a result of which almost a dozen people were injured while 3 of them recieved pellet injuries.

She said Kashmiris will sacrifice their lives to safegaurd the mujahideen whom Indian merciless forces go on killing. The use of force will not stop us from saving the Mujahideen, she said.