Kashmir resolution needs daring approach: Tarigami

Kashmir resolution needs daring approach: Tarigami

Discrimination with Kashmir under CRF programme draws flak ‘NC playing in the hands of Congress’(PHOTO:SHAH JEHANGIR)

By Neyaz Elahi

Kulgam,February 25,2017 CNS: Stating that only farsightedness and daring approach from both India and Pakistan can resolve the vexed Kashmir problem, senior CPI (M) leader and legislator Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami Saturday appealed all the political parties to get united and raise their voice viz-a-viz Kashmir issue.

     Addressing a press conference at Rest House in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district, Tarigami asked Government of India “to announce a political initiative on resolution of Kashmir dispute. He slammed New Delhi for “looking at the Kashmir issue from the prism of security” and “treating it as a mere economic problem.” He said violence is not a key to the solution of Kashmir issue as it only leads to death and destruction. Killing of a common Kashmiri or a soldier is painful. Only meaningful dialogue can lead us towards an amicable solution,” he said.

“It is high time Government of India makes a political announcement regarding resolution of Kashmir issue. New Delhi “should shun its rigid approach and engage with Pakistan in a sustained and meaningful dialogue, with Kashmiris on board. Let both India and Pakistan show flexibility and take steps to resolve the Kashmir problem that has become a tragedy for the people of Kashmir,” Tarigami said and added that Kashmir issue is a stumbling block in the way of not only India’s development, but the development of entire South Asia.”

     Tarigami according to CNS said that time has come when we should try to know the reason behind the frequent eruptions in Kashmir. “There is sentiment and there are aspirations. People want solution to Kashmir issue. The core issue between India and Pakistan is Kashmir which needs to be resolved,” he said and added that people of Kashmir don’t support war, bitterness or any confrontation or aggression between India and Pakistan.

         “It’s time for Delhi and Islamabad to move beyond rhetoric and show flexibility and farsightedness on Kashmir. This will allay the apprehensions and assuage the anger of the people. Nobody wants destruction and the solution doesn’t lie in applying in brute force but in engagement only,” Tarigami said.  (CNS)