SMC in slumber: 90 feet Mehjoor Nagar-Kursu Bund shrinks to 30...

SMC in slumber: 90 feet Mehjoor Nagar-Kursu Bund shrinks to 30 feet due to illegal constructions


Neyaz Elahi

Srinagar,February 27,2017 CNS: Due to unabated illegal constructions on the embankment of river Jhelum from Mehjoor Nagar to Kursoo Rajbagh, the road has been squeezing and shrinking day by day and in future is going to add woes to the traffic management. Mehjoor Nagar to Kursoo Rajbagh road according to locals was once 90 feed wide but at present the width of the road is not more than 30 feet. It according to locals speaks volumes about the ‘corruption’ and ‘mismanagement’ in Srinagar Municipal Corporation.

    Pertinently, a few days back anti-graft body State Vigilance Organization arrested couple of Srinagar Municipal Officers on charges of corruption. These officers had facilitated illegal encroachments after taking bribe from the parties. Ironically, one of the arrested Building Inspectors was the one who supervised Jawahar Nagar, Mehjoor Nagar and Kursu Rajbagh areas. 

     “The construction of illegal sheds and walls is going on the banks of river Jhelum from Mehjoor Nagar Bridge to Kursso Rajbagh. Some persons have occupied the land in the area but no action has been taken against them,” local sources told CNS.

    They added that people after greasing the palms of the SMC officials not only create illegal sheds but also occupy the main road. “The picture will get clear to any top official if he takes a ride from Ram Bagh via Mehjoor Nagar and Kursu Rajbagh,” said a local adding that road has been shrinking and soon it will affect the free and smooth movement of the traffic.

   Even after the floods, illegal sheds are being constructed on the embankments that too under the nose of authorities,” they said.

    When contacted SMC top official said that they have already received a notice from Tehsildar South asking them identify the illegal structures. “We will dismantle all the illegal structures and will make the road free from all the bottlenecks,” he said. (CNS)