Ganga flows in opposite direction in Indian News Studios

Ganga flows in opposite direction in Indian News Studios


By: Neyaz Elahi

A Kashmiri must be wondering what the Indian News Channels are up to. No moral principles, no professionalism, no ethics, but only lies, jingoism and propaganda. These propaganda channels (barring a one or two) are only interested in their TRP and they are least bothered about the welfare of India.

Kashmir is a commodity for these channels and they are selling it on profit to needy. These needy are pseudo-nationalists who are present in every Indian market and they love Kashmir bashing.

 The irony is that some of the panellists from Kashmir are fond of participating in their repugnant debates. A lady panellist from Valley who barely can speak two English sentences at a stretch is a regular feature of these debates. She loves to get humiliated by jingoistic Indian panellists and yet she appears on the TV screen of the same channel every night. Her giggle at the end of the debate conducted by a frenzy anchor might have shocked every Kashmiri viewer as in the same debate ‘Extra Indian’ BJP’s Sambit Patra called her Miss ‘Gaddar’ (traitor) while another jingoistic panelist kept on abusing all Kashmiris calling them ‘illegitimate children of foreign militants.’

These debates are more nuisance than informative ones. A Bollywood singer turned politician who happens to be the part of Modi’s cabinet termed two Kashmiri panellists as pigs while ironically the female anchor appreciated him for his ‘candid’ confession. This Minister from one of the largest democracies of the world did not stop there but went on saying and I q
uote: “We know how to handle people like you. We will teach you a lesson when we meet you outside.” Some of the pseudo nationalist Indian panellists backed by jingoistic anchors of Indian News Channels are devoid of any ethics who are quick to denounce ‘anti-India’ avowals, how true they might be. 

 A professional anchor is not supposed to take sides but in Indian News studios, Ganga flows in opposite direction. Object the action of Major Goggai, brain child of human shield row in Kashmir and they will all pounce upon you. Even the anchor will label you a ‘Jihadi’ and ask you shut your mouth. Now if you are not cowed down and continue to speak the truth, they will mute your volume. They suffer from intense stomach pain and thus can’t digest the truth.

The duplicity and hypocrisy of these Indian News Channels can be gauged from this fact that they repeatedly aired a video showing few Kashmiri youths kicking a Para-military India trooper in Central Kashmir but concealed the other video that showed how some Kashmiri youth saved Indian troopers and gave them safe passage when the area was witnessing pro
tests. Both these videos were shot on the same day on April 9, 2017 when by-polls were held for Srinagar Parliamentary seat. These channels have sinister designs. Their only motive is to present Kashmir in bad shape. These channels mislead their own people by not showing ground reality of Kashmir. They use their Army for TRP.

 Kashmir is selling like a hot cake in Indian markets and they are the manufacturers of this cake. Apolitical Indian Army has now started meddling into political affairs, courtesy Indian media. Army is getting much hype for its presence in Kashmir as even erring soldiers are being extolled and presented as saviours of the country. Not far are the days when India will go Pakistan way where democratically elected government needs a wheel from Army to run its own chariot. Sooner or later this will happen in India and we will be curious to watch the reactions from Indian arm chair frenzy news anchors then.


(Neyaz Elahi works for news agency CNS who can be reached at