2016 Unrest and the life of Kashmiri students

2016 Unrest and the life of Kashmiri students



Since the gruesome condition of Kashmir can be traced back to the partition of India and the subsequent creation of two new dominions viz, Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. The current political status of Kashmir is that it’s bleeding and burning between India and Pakistan. The Indian state beats the Kashmir issue as law and order problem and portrays it internationally as an internal problem of India, on the other hand Pakistan terms Kashmir issue as an unfinished agenda of partition. However beyond its political dimension Kashmir issue is a humanitarian issue. The decades of unrelenting conflict in the territory has left more than eighty thousand people dead, hundreds and thousands have been orphaned, widowed and left handicapped. The conflict in Kashmir is never ending till it’s resolved. In the current era of Kashmir history, the situation in Kashmir valley deteriorated following the killing of famous HIZB Commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani.”For India Wani was a wanted terrorist whose killing was a great success to Indian Army. But for the people of Kashmir BURHAN WANI was an inspiring freedom figure. Burhan’s killing shook the valley and the valley witnessed prolonged strike and curfew for a period of six months.

Since the killing of Burhan Wani, there has been intense violence which has portrayed the young and new facet of freedom movement against India. Burhan’s death witnessed the heavy clashes between unarmed Kashmiri youth both men and women and Indian Armed forces. Armed forces responded with iron fist, resulting in the killing of more than 90 people mostly youngster students. Hundreds have been blinded by the use of pellet guns by armed forces. One of the best example which can be cited amongst the student fraternity is the 9th class student, Insha, who was cold heartedly blinded in her both eyes by shooting innumerable pellets in her eyes leaving no chance for her to see the colourful world and her colorful books again.

The current face of the violence in Kashmir is the youth of Kashmir. Mostly they are educated and qualified youngsters who are speedily joining militant ranks. Since it is not for the first time when Kashmiris are facing such violence. The valley is used to uprisings and the Govt is least bothered about it. What is far more important is the impact of this violence on every sector of valley, be it economic, educational, social or any other related aspect of life in Kashmir. The unrest is taking heavy toll on every sector of valley but the latest challenge the Govt is facing in Kashmir  has come from the student fraternity. The wide spread protests by the students in colleges and schools against the state is a reaction to the increasing level of despondency. The differential treatment meted out to Kashmiri students who choose to study in other states of India render them depressed. The students consistently express fears about frequent questioning and harassment by police and locals simply on the basis of their Kashmiri identity. Moreover the exposure of the Educational institutions in the valley to violence and armed conflicts has reduced the quality of education. The unrest has created fear in students, teachers and in parents as well, for Educational institutions in the valley are occupied and patrolled by armed forces. Therefore the parents are scared to send their children to schools and colleges. Last year a lecturer from Khrew area of Pampore was mercilessly beaten to death by the security forces. This year an incident  happened in Pulwama degree college where the forces trespassed the premises of the college Which created fear among both teachers and students and thus made parents to feel the situation far from conducive one for both teachers and students. Therefore the ongoing upheaval is shuttering the future of Kashmiri students, for the education of the students in the valley is under grave  threat.

Since the prevailing turmoil in the valley has obvious implication also on the implementation of Technical programmes. Skill based courses which require no disruption in the process in order to guarantee easy transmission of skills, the unrest has hampered all these skill developmental initiatives. This may consequently affect the formation of generation’s next work force. Further for proficiency and efficiency, the upgradation of available facilities and equipments used in teaching and learning in technical and craft institutions is must, but due to incessant unrest action in this regard also got hundred. Hence,the impact of unrest has been deep and profound in the field of educational atmosphere

There is a wise proverb that, “excess of everything is bad”. This proverb clearly fits to the patience of the people of Kashmir Whose patience is tested from time to time by committing atrocities against them. There is a viral misconception among certain people that Kashmir is a “law and order problem “which actually is not true. Realistically speaking if it would be so, it would have been settled long back by the indian armed forces and the indigenous Jammu and Kashmir police. The sour reality is that Kashmir issue is a political issue, a political crime committed by the dead politicians which shall be resolved via politico legal process without infecting it with poisonous and forged strategies.

To sum up i would like to put in nutshell that since the unrest is badly affecting every sector of Kashmir and particularly taking heavy toll on the Education so, the Govt bear the primary responsibility to protect every sector of the valley and to ensure protection and safety to the students and help them to come out of this ongoing violence and armed educational institutions. Further political elites on all sides should make efforts to the negotiating table for comprehensive dialogue. Unless prudent conflict resolutions are not adopted Kashmir will always remain simmering with implications and consequences of unrest.

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