LeT asks people to observe Oct 27 as black day

LeT asks people to observe Oct 27 as black day

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Srinagar, Oct 26, CNS: Mahmood Shah, Chief Lashkar-e-Taiba, said that 27th of October is marked as the Black Day for Kashmir when the occupational Indian forces forcibly penetrated their forces into Jammu Kashmir, plunging Jammu Kashmir into 70 years of tyranny.

India has committed mass atrocities, killing millions of innocents. Kashmiris and their sympathizers throughout the world will commemorate the day as the Black Day in the history of Jammu Kashmir.

Mahmood Shah appealed to the nation to conduct rallies and protests so as to expose the tyrant face of Indian barbarism to the world.

Mahmood Shah stated that the Freedom Struggle of Jammu Kashmir continues its journey to its glory. India tried all the possible tactics to seize the indigenous Freedom Struggle but in vain. The prime reason behind the successes is the strong sense of unity and understanding between the nation and Mujahideen.

Braid chopping incidents have exposed the sick tactics of Indian establishment, India has kept its inhumane behaviors. Modi is continuously supporting the occupational forces and their inhumane acts.(CNS