DAK dismayed over nepotism and favouritism in SKIMS Medical College Faculty selection.Selection...

DAK dismayed over nepotism and favouritism in SKIMS Medical College Faculty selection.Selection of faculty to SKIMS must be prerogative of PSC.


Srinagar,Jan 20,CNS:Doctors Association Kashmir(DAK) President, Dr Suhail Naik in a communique while responding  to a news report published  in a national english daily where it was highlighted that there has been a selection bias and conflict of interest  in the recent selection process for lecturers  at Sher I Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Medical College, Bemina  said that  “it is  biggest crime to drop efficient and eligible candidates who have pumped their blood and sweat in to their profession.”

 A delegation of aspiring candidates who had filled up the forms for the said posts met DAK and apprised about the biased approach meted upon them. The concerned authorities have rejected the forms of about half a dozen candidates on trivial reasons  and more over modified the eligibility rules for said posts with the result paving a smooth way for  only one candidate, who being the wife of Principal, SKIMS Medical College.

 “It is unfortunate that merit is being marred  by favouritism nepotism , and apparently these unfair means, are main reasons, why our doctors leave for the greener pastures ” Dr Naik further said.

 Meanwhile DAK demands that in future  selection process of SKIMS Institution or its  Medical College should be a prerogative of Public Service Commission(PSC) or SSRB so that unnecessary favouritism, if any will be prevented. Furthermore there must be necessary written examination for any interview process as it is only best filter to get brilliant and hard-working lot to final slot.

 DAK demands that Hon’ble Chief Minister must intervene herself and if any conflict of interest has marred the merit is to be redressed so that prestige of this Institution is not compromised