The art that died its own death 

By Junaid Malik  The state of Jammu and Kashmir is bereft of any large scale industrialization in comparison to other states of the country barring the huge hydroelectric capacity of its rivers that too goes out of its kitty due to its sheer exploitation by the central government.the artisan revolution that flooded the valley with […]

Apology from Zaira Wasim , a blow on kashmiriyat 

Sunaina Malik (Rajouri):-The recently raised controversy over the apology of Dangal girl Zaira wasim  on her meeting with present CM of Jammu and Kashmir  Mehbooba Mufti has raised innumerable eye brows over the civility  of Kashmiri culture. A culture which was  once known  for its values and ethics in the whole world has now reached […]

Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, an icon By: Sunaina Malik (CNS-Rajouri)

Legends like Mufti Mohammad Sayeed are born once in centuries. He was born as a blessed child on December 1, 1936 in Baba Mohalla, Bijbehara, Kashmir. Who knew that one day this small child would wear the crown of Chief Minister of J&K and First Muslim Home Minister of India and would leave imperishable imprints […]

Will of Kashmiri people no longer a consideration

By, Bapsi Sidhwa When India and Pakistan gained their independence in 1947, the state of Kashmir, which was expected to go to Pakistan because of its Muslim majority, went instead to India. To calm Kashmiri unrest, India agreed to abide by a United Nations resolution to hold a referendum in Kashmir. India now maintains that […]

Let us honour our sweepers

Sunaina Malik(Rajouri) A sweeper is one who removes the greatest discomfort of our lives by removing the foul and ill smelling garbage of our streets, mohallas and cities. A sweeper is one who picks plastic bottles, broken pieces of glass, rubber tyres, and iron pieces from that dirty heap of garbage where we even don’t […]

  Disability a curse or blessing

Sunaina Malik(CNS-Rajouri) In our ritual ridden Indian society, disability is attached with so many notions. One section of Indian society believes that disability is the punishment of sins committed by the person during his previous birth and every disabled has to go through this punishment. Another section believes that these crippled persons are the examples […]

Benefits of demonetisation

 ( Sunaina Malik(Rajouri)        As per nature’s law, a mother has to endure rigorous labor pain in order to give birth to a new life on the back of this planet and it would be childish to anticipate the advent of novel life on this planet without the pain to his or her mother, in […]

Paradise regained

SunainaMalik(Rajouri)  It would not be wrong to call 8 July, 2016 as a day identical to doom's day in the history of Kashmir. On that day it appeared that we had completely lost our paradise because people erupted as a tsunami towards the funeral procession of Commander Burhan wani and from there started that wave […]

Disappeared sons of  valley

 Sunaina Malik (Rajouri)                Nothing is more painful and agonising in this whole Cosmos than the pain and discomfort  of one's child and this pain gets doubled many folds if your son  has gone disappeared from your eyesight under mysterious circumstances. Every luxury, comfort, wealth or property would appear meaningless to those parents whose […]

For God’s sake stop burning my school.                  

By Sunaina Malik      If you burn my kindergarten where I will go with my bag on my back? Where I will read and write with pencil and books, where  i will play with my friends , where I will pray to God during morning assembly, where I will built my health by morning exercise, […]

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