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Nanak Shah Fakir Sikh community demands ban on movie


Srinagar, Apr 5, CNS: United Sikh Forum Thursday expressed resentment over the movie Nanak Shah Fakir in which an actor is playing the role of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

“We the Sikhs all over world particularly in Kashmir Valley protest against the any such move which violates the basics of sikh faith. The movie is gross violation of Sikh ideology as no human is allowed to play the role of Guru Sahiban’s  and great Sikh historical figures in any form or means because Guru Granth Sahib is our present Guru,” the protesting Sikhs said.

   They said that any such movie will be full of distortions ,errors and flaws as human is imperfect hence cannot reach perfection.

    “Harinder Singh Sikka is just a face and it  seems anti Sikh lobby is encouraging him to set wrong trend which can give them a chance and opportunities in future to distort our great heritage by taking liberty of creativity. As their main agenda is to destroy Sikh faith. Moreover  , some elements are always there to disturb the harmony among the  different faiths,” they said.

     They demanded immediate ban on the movie. (CNS)