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Non-Local Confectionary Manufacturer Penalized for Short-weighment


Srinagar, Apr 12, CNS: Prompted by public complaints that the Milk Candies (confectionary items) manufactured by Asha Confectionery Indore M.P. are short in net weight, the field executives of Legal Metrology Department under the supervision of Dy. Controller(Enf) Kashmir conducted inspection of different  markets of city Srinagar in order to ascertain the genuineness of the complaints.

During the inspection, it was observed that the declared net weight on the label of the packs of milk candies was 500g whereas the gross weight found on the weighing scale was only 492 g, thereby indulging in shortweighment/unfair trade practice. Each pack was found lesser in weight by about 20g which is beyond the permissible error in net contents.

The Legal Metrology Officer seized some packages of confectionary and registered a challan against the company. The legal notice was served to the management and the management of the company deputed a representative to the office to see the underweight packs of the confectionary before applying for composition of the challan case.

The company retrieved all the batches of the underweight packs from the market and pleaded for the compounding of the challan case. A fine of Rs 15000 was slapped on the company for the offence.