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Investigate Asifa’s case by Amnesty International or any other world body, says Jama’at


Srinagar,14 April 2018-CNS:-Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expresses its surprise over the awakening of world leaders and Indian civil society over Asifa’s gruesome gang rape and murder case. An 8 year old Muslim girl was abducted on 10th of January, 2018 and her brutalized dead body was found on 17th of January this year but the local police station tried its best to save the real culprits. At that juncture, only the local Muslims staged protest against the slow pace of the investigation by the local police and when it got intensified, then the case was handed over to the state crime branch. From this day, the communalist parties tried their best to communalize the situation and manipulated the huge public rallies led by BJP-RSS leaders including the local legislators and two of the ministers even participated in these rallies supporting the real culprits. None of the legislators or local politicians from BJP ever expressed a single world of sympathy with the bereaved family. The Indian women’s commission and other related human rights bodies also remained tight lipped so far. The Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi who is a self-proclaimed champion of women empowerment and Beti-Bachao (save daughter) has also played a role of a mute spectator so far and now after the passage of a long period of three months, all of them got suddenly awakened for the reasons best known to them, may be under the international pressure. This silence is meaningful because the victim belonged to the Muslim community which in the eyes of these communalist elements has no right to live smoothly. The world has not forgotten the Gujarat massacre of Muslims and other anti-Muslim riots in thousands patronaged by these very fascist elements in which lacs of Muslims have been murdered and this process is still going on. The incident of Babri Masjid is still alive in the minds of the people. What is happening is Uttar Pradesh these days is not a hidden fact? In fake encounters who are being targeted and against whom the false cases stand registered is not unknown thing? Under the shade of cow protection who is being victimized? Those involved in Ishrat Jahan cases are ruling this country so how can anybody expect the fair justice from such people. Muslim youth involved in concocted cases got acquittals but after passing half of their lives in different jails. What justice has been given to them?

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expresses deep regret over the negative attitude of all those who kept meaningful silence or supported the rapitst-murderers of an 8 year old Muslim girl Asifa in Kathua and demands the monitoring of the trial by any impartial agency from Amnesty International or any other world body so as to expose the vicious plan behind this inhuman act. Jama’at also demands stringent action against those frenzied fascist elements who supported the inhuman rapist-killers only because of their hatred against Muslims.(CNS)