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Department of Fisheries provide various welfare schemes to fishermen community


Srinagar, April 19, CNS: The Department of Fisheries provide various welfare schemes to the fishermen community launched by the Centre and the State Government in the State with the main objective of such schemes is to improve the socio-economic conditions of the down trodden fishermen community as well as to ameliorate the living standards of the weaker sections of the society by providing avenues for aquaculture practices thereby enhance the livelihood of educated unemployed youths. The various schemes for the fishermen community are Low Cost House,  insurance cover, fiber glass boats,  nylon twin for fabrication of gear, load carriers, bicycles etc.
Harvesting of fish from the Dal Lake is one of the activities of the department to assure the harvest of fish as a source of capture fisheries to the fishers of the Dal Lake for their livelihood avenues. There are about 939 bonafied registered fishers along Dal Lake those are promptly and regularly involved in fishing activities during day time from sunrise to sunset through operation of legal gears without causing any depletion in the capture fisheries.
Besides, it is to mention that the night fishing is not allowed along Dal Lake but  some fishers are involved in indiscriminate fishing by means of illegal gears or installation of illegal fixed gears such as gill nets during the night hours that result in the main destruction of brooders and juveniles thereby resulting in the decline of the fish catch. However, to compensate such loss the Department of Fisheries adopts regular improvement of the fish stocks through stocking of fish seed in Dal Lake that was done on last year by stocking of 5.0 lacs fingerlings procured from National Fish Seed Farm, Manasbal in order to augment the fish stocks in wild and such ranching programme helps in the enhancement of fish catch of the down trodden fishermen community of Dal Lake with the result, the production of fish catch of the Dal Lake has been increased from 467.11 tonnes (2015-16) to 509.86 tonnes and such development has been achieved through  proper anti-poaching measures that has been carried out along Dal Lake by the staff posted along the Dal Lake.
The officials of the department has jurisdiction right for seizure of such illegal gears and the poachers are liable to be punished with fine under law and regulations.
The Department of Fisheries has confiscated 1577 No. of illegal nets for the last five months and thereby incerated in the presence of Mr. M.A Mir, Joint Director Fisheries, Territorial  Kashmir Division, Mr. B.A Bhat Joint Director Fisheries, Projects Kashmir Division, Mr. M.M Bazaz Chief Project Officer Gagribal  and also in presence of Anti-poaching team constituted by the office of the Chief Project Officer Gagribal. The Director Fisheries Mr. R.N. Pandita appreciated the officials for proceeding as per the  Regulations that have been developed in the form of Fisheries Act which prohibits the use of any illegal gear, explosive poisonous substances like bleaching powder etc and as such the poachers need to be dealt under law.