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Ncc “ek bharat shresht bharat” camp being held at srinagar


Srinagar, May 10, CNS: NCC “Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat” Camp (EBSB), Srinagar 2018 is being conducted by NCC Group Srinagar at JAK LI Regimental Centre , Rangreth, Srinagar from 02 May-13 May 2018 under the aegis of NCC Directorate Jammu and Kashmir. The Camp was inaugurated by Group Commander NCC Group HQ Srinagar on 02 May 2018.

    The main aim of EBSB, Srinagar, is to foster the spirit of national integration, solidarity and develop camaraderie amongst the participating NCC cadets and Associate NCC Officers (ANOs) from the State of Gujarat and the Cadets and ANOs of Jammu and Kashmir. This year, true to its aim, the theme selected for this Camp is “HAM SAB BHARATIYA HAIN”. EBSB Srinagar will provide an opportunity to the cadets of both Gujarat and J&K to live together, share views and opinions and participate in a host of sports, cultural, educational and recreational activities to   include visits to various places of tourist interest in and around Srinagar.

   The NCC Directorate in collaboration with various departments of the State and most importantly the Defence Forces, primarily HQ 15 Corps is also making an endeavor to showcase the beauty and cultural vibrance of this region and its people as also its geo political importance and the role of the defence forces in ensuring its safety, security and integrity