Home Health 8 kg abdominal mass (cancer) removed from patient at Star hospitals

8 kg abdominal mass (cancer) removed from patient at Star hospitals


Srinagar, May 21, CNS: In a rare and complicated surgery, Dr Mir Sammiullah at Star Hospital has successfully extricated an abdominal tumour from a 70 year-old man from Pulwama.

“The tumour, weighing a whopping 8.4 kg, is the largest of its kind,” said Dr Samiullah head of gastrointestinal and laparascopic surgery at Star Hospital.

The patient Ghulam Muhammad hailing from Pulwama district had been admitted with progressive swelling of his abdomen heaviness, constant fullness  and loss of appetite for the past three months.

“Upon examination, it was detected that he had abdominal mass. After a series of  investigations and CT scans of the abdomen, it was found that he had large retroperitoneal tumour involving colon mesentery and blood vessels .The marathon surgery was performed for six long hours and tumour successfully removed,” Mir told CNS adding that such large tumours are rare and a surgical challenge.

    “There was a heavy blood loss and this required great team skill in pre-operative monitoring for success,” he said.

“I feel as if I am relieved of a large burden on my abdomen,” said the patient now convalescing after the operation, notching good recovery. (CNS)