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 Foot and Mouth Disease in cattle detected  at few places in Kashmir


Srinagar There have been reports of sporadic cases resembling Foot and Mouth Disease in cattle at few places of the province. The Department of Animal Husbandry Kashmir has rushed expert teams across the province for clinical examination of the animals, preliminary treatment and collection of samples. All cattle owners are advised not to panic and pay no heed to rumors circulating in a section of media and social media about outbreak of a mysterious disease in cattle. Animals suffering from symptoms of blisters in mouth or feet will be treated by the veterinary staff on farmers premise. No person without the authorization of this Department should be allowed to inspect or treat the affected animals. Such persons act as vectors in spread of disease. Cattle farmers should not allow their stock to mix with migratory livestock who often harbor disease and are usually unvaccinated.
It is also reiterated that affected animals should be isolated from healthy ones and no mixing of bedding and feeding stuff/water should be allowed. Also, people are advised to refrain from taking their animals to any clinical camps where healthy & disease carrying animals mix and the chances of transmission of infection are very high. The department is investigating a few such camps organized without its permission, which led to flaring up of the disease in areas of Ganderbal district. Our centers are fully stocked with sufficient medicines to handle any disease eventuality.
Regular vaccination is the key to preventing infectious diseases in your precious livestock – please get your animals vaccinated immediately if not already vaccinated. Further due to concerted efforts of the Hon’ble Minster Jenab Abdul Ghani Kohli, J&K has for the first time been enrolled under the national FMD control program under which FMD vaccine at very nominal costs is available for 100% bovine population at all Animal Husbandry centers of the province.
For any further information or to report any case please call on the Directorates helpline number 0194-2475420 during office hours.