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MGNREGA Association condemns ‘handiwork’ of ACD Ramban, Threatens to go for indefinite strike


Srinagar: Mgnrega Employees Association JK had condemned the role of Rural Development Department ACD Ramban for sending proposal of requirement of NYC’s in Rural Development Department.

The Association has said that this move will have serious repercussions and that ACD will be responsible.

The Association President Jan Muhammad said that they will go for state wide strike if this process will not be stopped and revoked within 10 days.

Recently ACD’s of RDD were  asked about the requirement of NYCs in their Department  for utilising their services.

A report of ACD Ramban vide order no Acdr/Estt/Nyc/2018-19/2648-60 Dated5/6/2018 has gone viral in which he is demanding 124 NYC’s for the district Ramban.

It is said that the District is having 124 panchats where there are vlw’s, Mpw’s and Gram Rozgar sahayaks who are working against their available vacancies and the recruitment policy has been adapted during their selection process by maintaining ratio of 1 is to 5 for each panchayat i.e from all applicants applied for the post in at each panchayat one among 20’s and 30’s got selected.

Now, the govt/Administration is going to accomodate Nyc’s in the  Rural Development Department but the question is, there is no creation or vacancy for these employees as per the norms and guidelines of the Department.

MGNREGA employees who are working in RDD Department from 7 to 8 years have asked the government why it is playing with their future.

If Nyc’s are of youth service and sports  Department  and were proposed by the cabinet for the education department after the upgradation of 800 shools in the state  then why Rural Development Department is being compelled to send proforma for their requirement in the Department.

Mgnrega Employees President John Mohd has warned that if this type of formula will be implemented by Rdd the employees of all Mgnrega Association would go on Strike without taking care of spoiling their lives and for any consquences the govt shall be responsible.

He further said”Govt is playing “Hide and Seek”as they were assured for their absorbtion in Rdd and for the same purpose a comittee was constituted in the month of December 2017, to submit a detailed report with in a period of two months,But after completion of six Months no any report has been submitted by the comittee so for.

John Mohd said, if Nyc’s requirement proposal is not stopped with in a period of 10 days the whole Mgnrega Employees would go on the state wide strike and for any consquences govt shall be responsible He,further said that because of the non seriousness of govt towards our future ,The all employees are in delimma and are entirely oppressed ,depressed and suppressed which may lead them towards  anti social activities.

He on behalf of Mgnrega Employees Association has  requested to CM of j&k and Minister Rdd and Panchayat Raj to look in to their grieviances enthusiastically and humbly. (Press Release)