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Al Quds rally held in Budgam


Thousands of people participated in the Al quds rally held after the Friday prayers  in the central area of district Budgam. People marched from the central Imambargah Budgam to the main chowk Budgam. This was the largest quds  rally in kashmir according to the eye witnnesses.

Senior Hurriyat leader and President all jammu and kashmir Anjuman e sharie shian, Aga syed Hassan took the lead of the protest rally and later on addressed the gathering where he said,
“This is the last firday of the Ramadhan which is celebrated as the day of Quds all over the Muslim world, Imam Khomeini  insisted the whole muslims across the globe to celebrate it as the day of quds so that all the Muslims of the world unite to show a common brotherhood and maintain peace”.

“on this day of quds, we must show solidarity with the victims of oppression, if any muslim suffers, whole ummah across the globe must feel that pain. On this day, we promise to unite to take and lead against the atrocities, illegal occupations (whether in palestine, kashmir or anywhere else) and oppression in the world”, Aga sahab added.

The participants were holding the banners and  placards which read, “Pray for the children of Gaza”, “down with Israel and US”,  “stop innocent killings in kashmir”, “Freedom is our right”, “Free palestine”.
“There has always been a perennial struggle against the truth and falsehood, this day symbolises that truth and puts forth the resistance against all the barabarism and oppression existing in the world, we will continue to protest until justice and peace prevails”, said owais Mir, a protestor.
The female protesters also took part in the  rally and chanted the loud slogans against Israel, America and India.
The protesters were seen raising heavy slogans in support of the Palestinians and against the illegal occupation of Jerusalem.
Pertinently, the protesters also raised the slogans for the support of Kashmir freedom moment and prayed for its freedom.
The quds rallies were also organised in different places of Budgam like Khomeini chowk Bemina, Magam, sonapah and Parisabad.
It is noteworthy here to mention that the International Quds day is an annual event which is celebrated  on the last Friday of Ramadhan, it was first observed in iran by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 to express support for the Palestinians and oppose the Israel and their illegal occupation of Jerusalem.