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IF condemns media trial against Moulana Veeri Appeals people to remain vigilant, counter anti-Islam propaganda

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Srinagar,June 22 CNS: Condemning the malicious campaign started by nefarious designs against Islamic scholars and leaders working in the field of Islam, president Islamic Fraternity, Muhammad Aamir has said that the enemies of Islam are dividing Muslim ummah by resorting to character assassination of Islamic scholars and Ulemas just to gain something out of it.

Referring to slanderous campaign and personal attacks on Vice-president of Jamiate Ahle-Hadith, Moulana Mushtaq Ahmad Veeri, he said that a virtual war has been initiated by these designs to exploit the masses to discredit the services of these scholars in the field of Islam.

Cautioning the people to remain vigilant, Aamir said that these tactics have been employed in the past and are being repeated once again because the unity of Muslims here have frustrated them as they wish Muslims to remain engaged in infighting and divided in several factions.

Saying that this propaganda is based on lies and deceits, he said that Muslims should be mature enough to understand the treacherous plans of enemies and should come forward to counter it with sane arguments and reason.

Terming the Indian media as the basis for this nasty campaign, he said the Indian media has been engaged in the past and remains so in spreading lies about Islam and Muslims, particularly in and about Kashmir. The media trail against Dr. Zakir Naik proved that the Indian media is biased and spreading cooked up stories to defame Islam and Muslim scholars.

Extending the support to Moulana Veeri, Aamir said that regardless of ideologies and school of thoughts, he has been supporting and continue so to all those who are made targets through these malicious campaigns and media trials. “We have been united in the past and will remain in future as long as the mission is to invite people towards Islam and the propagation of its true message”.(CNS)