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LeT condemns ‘attack’ on slain militant houses


Srinagar, June 23, CNS: Militant outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba, has strongly condemned the attack of Indian forces on the houses of slain militants Majid Zargar and Abdul Shukoor in Kulgam.

   He said that Indian forces are spreading terror in Jammu Kashmir and promoting state terrorism. “India is using terrorism as its state policy. Two houses were attacked by the forces in the recent days, completely destroying the infrastructure. The members of households were beaten mercilessly regardless of them comprising of women and elderly whereas the men and young were arrested. Is this the humanity?! The security forces are supposed to fight in the battlefields, not to kill the innocent women and children.”

    Mahmood Shah as per a statement to CNS warned the security forces to abstain from their vicious tactics otherwise they will face fierce reaction.

   Mahmood Shah clarified to the Indian public that the Kashmiri militants have never taken part in any activity on Indian soil against the public. “We are very well aware of the fact that it is the Indian forces who have forcefully occupied our land. The public have no part in such crime. But if the forces continue to harass and play with the honor of our women, continue to kill the innocent youth, and putting the elderly behind bars, then there will be no use of protesting against the consequences, be it by the Indian media, politicians or by the public.”

Mahmood Shah demanded the humanitarian organizations to play their due proactive role in putting an end to India’s state terrorism in Jammu Kashmir.