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Quarry holders, Cement factory owners take strong note to Dhar’s letter to Governor


Neyaz Elahi

Srinagar, July 26, CNS: Much resentment to the owners of cement factories and quarrying holders, the patron of Delhi Public School, Vijay Dhar has written to Governor of Jammu and Kashmir NN Vohra to shutdown the cement factories and quarrying in Srinagar city. In a communiqué to the Governor, Vijay Dhar has said that quarrying is taking place behind his Delhi Public School while cement factories are operating in the heart of the  city.

“This is the only place in the world where seven (7) cement factories function in the heart of the city without any norms. This is also the only place in the world where stone quarrying takes place in the heart of the city. It goes stopped, then activated. We have one working behind the Delhi Public School at Athwajan,” Dhar in his communiqué to Governor has said.

Taking strong note of the letter forwarded by Dhar to Governor, the United Quarry Association and the Himalayan Quarry and Tippers Association have alleged that Mr Dhar for his personal benefits is trying to deprive thousands of labourers associated with quarrying from their livelihood.

They said that previous government had promised that they will be given an alternative place for quarrying but till date the government didn’t repair the road leading to the Aripora, the new site which is only 0.5 kilomters from Athwajan.

“We have no problem with Aripora site but it has no proper roads from tippers. Besides, it is situated behind the BSF camp and we are afraid whether they will allow blasting there or not,” the quarry holders told news agency CNS.

They said government should keep her promise and should allow them to do their work without any hindrances.

The quarry holders said that they also need NOC’s from Forest and Fishery Departments and the same will not be provided to them, they won’t leave Athwajan.

Meanwhile, the owner of a cement factory who wished not to be named said that Vijay Dhar has hidden agenda. “Dhar wants to cripple the economy of Kashmir, besides, he wants to maximize his profits through his school.” (CNS)