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Intimidating prisoners: India overrules the direction of her own Apex Court, Says Geelan


Srinagar,July 31 CNS : Criticizing authorities for their rude and heartless approach against detainees, All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairman, Syed Ali Geelani said that they are needlessly harassing and intimidating prisoners on one pretext or the other.

Ridiculing and referring to the State Administrative Council (SAC) proposal to delete a provision in the PSA that barred state authorities from lodging J& K residents in outside state jails, “Geelani said that callous approach reflects the musty mindset and their prejudicial style against prisoners, detained under infamous Public Safety Act.

Condemning the despotic attitude of state authorities, Syed Ali Geelani, cautioned people about future detrimental proposals of New Delhi and their puppets and asked to conjointly fight against this lawlessness and remain watchful.

They are even denying the directives of their supreme court wherein the court ruling lays that a prisoner should be kept in a jail as near as possible to the place of residence of his family, Geelani added.

The families and even their kids are badly suffering as the detainees are lodged in outside state jails and despite court rulings, hundreds of those detained were unnecessarily shifted, thus facing adverse situations and scorning and harsh temperatures.

Lashing at authorities, for their rhetoric for being a great democracy, Syed Ali Geelani said Geelani said that India is claiming to be a great democracy in world, however all its claims are proving hollow and instead they follow their bigoted dogma and their approach is quite barbaric and haughty. Judiciary too in India is bias, said Geelani, saying people don’t trust or believe in Indian judiciary for its prejudicial and bias approach.

Citing the cases where in Indian judiciary failed to deliver justice, Geelani said that the cases related to Shaheed Maqbool Bhat, Shaheed Afzal Guru, rape and murder of Asifa, Asiya, Nilofer double murder and rape case, human shield case (Farooq Ahmad Dar) and added that these are glaring example of bias approach, saying ‘’We have bitter experience that Indian judiciary instead of delivering justice and bringing culprits to book, is providing safe passage to the accused.

Pro-freedom leader said that it is heart wrenching that several innocents were detained for long periods against frivolous charges. During their detention they were even denied bail, though later court acquitted them and declared innocents.

Syed Ali Geelani expressed his anguish over deteriorating condition of detainees , saying that the treatment meted out to them is agonizing and nowhere existing in civilized societies and in his appeal to the Amnesty International, Asia Watch, and other international organisations for human rights to take cognizance of the plight of these detainees and use influence for their release and impressed international community to break their silence and help and rescue political prisoners, saying that they were arrested in fake and fabricated charges and their detention is being prolonged on one pretext or the other and PSA slapped one after the other.