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People of Doru await opening of hospital completed two years ago

Hospital Pic By Tajamul Islam

Even after two years of completion, the Speciality hospital at Doru Anantnag , which took years to
complete is yet to get operational.

The hospital has been completed at an expense of around Rs 11.50 crore and is a 100-bed facility.
But despite completion, the reluctance of the government to start the facility is baffling many.
“Despite the completion of hospital building two years ago, the administration is reluctant to make the
hospital operational which is only affecting the common people” said a local resident.

Pertinently, Sub District Hospital is operational in the town of Doru which is barely 500 meters away
from the new building but the administration wants to shift the SDH in the newly constructed building
of the Specialty hospital.

But the locals are against this move , they demand that SDH should remain at its place and new health
care facility should be provided in the form of Super Speciality hospital which was promised to them .
“we are yet to reach on some consensus with the locals about the shifting of Hospital, hopefully, the
matter will solve soon and the new hospital building will become operational” said Dr Abdul Rashid
Shaan Hospital Superintendent SDH Doru.

He also said that the newly constructed building is complete and all equipment have already been
installed .

“we have installed all the equipment in the building, only CT Scan Machine is to be installed which will
be done in coming days, otherwise, the new hospital is ready to serve the public” he added.

Alleging the political meddling as the cause of the delay , Bashir Ahmad,a local resident said that the
Hospital was sanctioned for Doru in the tenure of then Congress MLA G A Mir, but after the change of
regime, the commissioning of the hospital is witnessing unnecessary delay.