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Defying the summer heat, people throng towards “Takdeer Park” at Hazratbal

takdeerpark Pic By Tajamul Islam

At this period of the season when the sun unleashes its blistering heat on the earthlings, Kashmir also gets its share, though comparatively less than other states. As Kashmir is famous for its hill stations and pleasant climate, its heart Srinagar also holds a wide array of places where people spent their leisure time to evade this scorching heat.

One such spot is located just outside and along the eastern fencing of the university campus. It is a patch of land transformed into an alluring park famously known as ‘Taqdeer park’ by locals. Its location is mesmeric as it runs along the banks of Dal lake , thus gives a splendid view of it. It holds 3 ghats of dal ,from where Shikaras always remain ready to give a dal ride. As it is only few hundred yards away from famous ‘char chinari’ people in lots use to take a Shikara ride upto there at only 50 rs.

The park is maintained by Floriculture Deptt and is guarded by 13 employs including 7 casual labours and one  chowkidar. The park remains jam-packed, particularly in evening hours. People from across the classes spent their time here to get relief from daily fatigue.

“people from all walks of life use to come here and spent their valuable time ,like couples ,families along with their children particularly come during evening time, university students and also the street dwellers, as unlike other parks in city ,we don’t charge anything here. Anyone can come and spent time along the dal shore and enjoy their time without paying anything.” said Mukhtar Ah Dar , a gardner.

The other captivating thing about this park is that it is only few yards away from the Hazratbal shrine. People use to pray and see the shone up Shrine in the evening.

This park is very skillfully maintained as Deptt of Floriculture has provided the latest equipment’s for grass cutting and watering, to its employs who remain in the park for the whole day. The park remains filled with the aroma of diversified flowers which adds to its beauty.

“we try to keep the park as clean as possible for that dust bins are also installed at many places of the park. We want many more people to come and enjoy here. We regularly cut the grass and water the plants so that the freshness of Park is maintained’ ’said head gardner Mohd Yousuf.

“I regularly visit this place,it provide a sense of relief and refreshes your mind and body as well. Usually I come with my friends in the evening hours and after praying the maghrib prayers at shrine ,we return home. This park is maintained well and the good thing is that unlike other parks I don’t have to pay anything’’ said a visiter.