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Poultry Farm owners accuse a Dealer of fraud


Srinagar, Aug 8, CNS: Poultry Farm owners from Kashmir Wednesday staged a protest accused a Kashmir based Dealer of fraud saying that he supplied a ‘duplicate’ breed of chicks to them which died within days.

   Scores of poultry owners assembled here in Press Enclave Srinagar alleging that they suffered heavy monetary losses due to ‘fraud’ committed by a Khanyar based dealer.

   They said one Khanyar based dealer supplied them non-cobb bread of chicks from a company called Vanshu. “It was a duplicate breed. Thousands of chick died at our poultry farms and we suffered huge losses,” they said.

   “We paid money to the dealer for Cobb breed but he supplied us non-Cobb chicks which amounts to cheating,” they told CNS.

   Refuting the allegations, the Khanyar based dealer said that they were receiving chicks from him from Vanshu group of company from past two years. “When everything was alright from 2 years, how come they start leveling allegations against me,” he said adding that these poultry owners have not cleared their outstanding yet. (CNS)