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Forest faculty kick starts Plantation Week


Ganderbal, Mar 28, CNS: The Faculty of Forestry, Benhama -Watlar today kick started the Plantation Week at its campus Benhama, Ganderbal.

   The Plantation week was started by Professor Tariq Masoodi, Dean, Faculty of Forestry by giving emphasis on the importance of trees especially in the areas where the land is not so productive.

   Masoodi said that the plantations can serve the dual purpose by increasing the income of farmers and giving the soil the moisture retaining capacity. The need of the hour is to increase the green cover as much as possible. Now advisories are being issued by the concerned departments that there will be scarcity of the water and you have to change the crop from agriculture (Paddy) to some horticulture (apple) crops. These are the effects of climate change which we are experiencing day by day.

     The students were given the task to at least plant 10 polybag plants by their name so that the coming generations will experience the green cover in the campus and remember them by their names. The Faculty members also planted the Deodar seedlings.

   At least 1000 plants of deodar were planted in one day in the campus. The plantation drive will continue for the week. All the heads of the departments and other faculty members were present in the drive. Such programs will continue under the collaboration program of Faculty and Students Welfare office under National Service Scheme and other programs. (CNS)